The Elfin's Golden Castle - 小妖的金色城堡
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The relationship between the rebelling Qi Qi and her foster father Lin Huan Zhi is very tense. Qi Qi who is suffering from depression turns to the internet where she gets to know Bao Bao Lan and You Nuo. Although all very different in character, the three girls come to trust and appreciate each other. Meanwhile, band leader and main vocalist Lin Nan Yi also appears in Qi Qi’s life.

 《小妖的金色城堡》改編自饒雪漫同名小說,講述了被疑似患有抑鬱症的叛逆女孩七七,與性格迥異的優諾、暴暴藍共同再現疼痛青春成長故事。被懷疑患有抑鬱症的叛逆女孩七七,與養父之間的關係緊張。偶然間,她在網站上結識了暴暴藍和優諾,三個性格迥異的女孩雖一直未曾謀面,但彼此信任,互相欣賞。同時,“樂隊主唱陽光男生林南一也闖入了她們的生活中 。