Wuda's Girls - 武大的小姐姐们
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A down and out manager inadvertently obtains a life-changing painting that brings four beauties from ancient China to the present day. 

When Xi Shi (Zhou Xiaohan), Hua Mulan (Tao Manman), Da Ji (Tang Ruihong) and Yang Yuhuan (Fang Yanxin) appeared before Wuda (Wang Junren), it gave him a renewed sense of hope. He wanted to manage the four ladies as a band and entered them into a dance competition. Each of the women had many talents to show off, but their skillsets from the past no longer appeal to the modern day and the admired beauties of the yonder days taste a feeling of defeat. Adjusting to a new life, they train in dance and experience how it is to live in the modern world.