Love Is Deep - 浅情人不知
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To like someone is to love lightly while to love someone is to like deeply. There is one person in this world and in this life whom you will love deeply. This is a realistic story of healing.Zheng Ding Ding and her boyfriend Chen Xun have been dating for years. For the sake of love, she has on many occasions set aside her dream to design pet toys because she was wholly devoted to her boyfriend. When she realizes that he has not gotten over his ex-girlfriend, Zheng Ding Ding decides to give up on their unjust relationship.  

Surgeon Ning Wei Jin has readily stayed by Ding Ding's side as he encourages her to pursue her dreams. He has liked Ding Ding for some time but was rejected when he opened up about his feelings as she wanted to focus on her career. Ning Wei Jin doesn't give up and Ding Ding unwittingly begins to reciprocate a mutual attraction. However, problems with their work and family get in the way to test the couple as they fight for their love.  

《浅情人不知》是由安徽广播电视台、强盛影视、剧浪影视联合出品,罗法平任总出品人,许文俊任总制片人,李丹任监制,蔡聪执导,虢爽、单新康编剧,胡耘豪、康宁、赵毅新、张子璇、王小白、昌隆、李政阳等主演的都市情感治愈偶像剧。该剧改编自晋江人气作者师小札同名小说,讲述了宠物玩具设计师郑叮叮与乳腺科医生宁为谨的甜蜜爱情故事 。