What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (Cantonese) - 金秘書為何那樣
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This drama is based on the same name novel by (정경윤 / Jung Kyung-Yoon) which was first published on 2013-April-3 by Gaha. The Webcomic by Kim Young Mi which was first published on 2016 via kakao.comalso based on the novel of same name.

It’s revolves around a cocky vice president who is narcissist and his highly capable secretary of nine years.


在韓國的「2018 APAN Star Award」頒獎禮中,朴敘俊憑《金秘書為何那樣》榮獲「男子最優秀演技賞」,而朴敏英奪得「K Star女子人氣賞」。