Coffee, Do Me A Favor - 커피야 부탁해
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This drama is about a pretty, overweight woman who, after sipping on acup of magic coffee, becomes a beauty, and a handsome man who doesn’t believe in love.

Im Hyun Woo (Yong Joon Hyung)is a webtoon writer. He is popular and handsome, but he is not nice to people and also does not believe in love. His trainee is Lee Seul Bi (Kim Min Young).She is cute and chubby. Seul Bi has had a crush on Hyun Woo for a long time. Yet, she has never told Hyun Woo about her feelings. One day, SeulBi drinks coffee and she suddenly finds herself changed into a beautiful woman. She names herself Oh Go Woon (Chae Seo Jin).